Installing composer on CentOS 8.0/7.0, Ubuntu, Redhat and any Linux distribution | Majid Jalilian Code

by majid
2 years ago
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Problem: How to install Composer on your CentOS Linux server?

Before installation: You need SSH access and have already installed PHP on your server.

  1. Login to your server SSH, select a directory to download Composer (You can use just /home/your_user_name).
  2. run this command to download the latest Composer version:
  3. (Optional – Integrity) You can use this command to download and compare SHA-384 Hash of the composer installer and check the integrity of the downloaded composer installer: if the response was ‘Installer verified‘, you can continue to install because the file is original and safe.
  4. Finally, you can run composer-installer.php to install the latest composer version on your Linux server:
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